Event Series NYZ: Evening Zazen 2024 draft

NYZ: Evening Zazen

New York Zendo 223 E 67th St, New York, NY

New York Zendo is open for evening zazen Monday and Wednesday from 7 pm to 9 pm.  Doors open at 6:30 pm. Newcomers to the temple should attend one Introduction to Zen Meditation class, held on Thursday evenings, before joining the community for other practice events. The introduction covers the basics of Zen meditation: posture, […]

Event Series NYZ: Zazen is Habit Forming

NYZ: Zazen is Habit Forming

New York Zendo 223 E 67th St, New York, NY

Take this opportunity to establish a daily meditation practice for yourself. Between our Parinirvana Weekend Sesshin and our March-On Weekend Sesshin -- February 19 through March 8 -- New York Zendo will host morning zazen in person from Monday through Thursday and online from Monday through Saturday. Short morning service begins at 6:45 a.m. Zazen […]

Event Series NYZ: Introduction to Meditation

NYZ: Introduction to Zen Meditation

New York Zendo 223 E 67th St, New York, NY

New to Zen Buddhism or interested in learning? New York Zendo Shobo-ji offers city dwellers the opportunity to experience traditional Zen practice in the midst of their daily lives, a true oasis of deep stillness in the heart of Manhattan. Every Thursday evening The Zen Studies Society offers an Introduction to Zazen. The evening covers […]

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