NYZ: Sunday Morning Service and Zazen

New York Zendo 223 E 67th St, New York

On Sundays,  we hold morning chanting service (choka) at 10 a.m., followed by walking meditation (kinhin) and zazen. A Dharma Talk will be given on the first Sunday of each month.   After zazen, there will be 30 minutes of temple cleaning (nittensoji), followed by tea and informal discussion. Doors open at 9:30 a.m. Newcomers to […]

NYZ: Seiza Meditation and Dharma Talk with Miki Nakura Sensei

New York Zendo 223 E 67th St, New York

Join us for seiza meditation at New York Zendo, led by Miki Nakura. Seiza (quiet sitting) was established by Okada Torajiro Sensei 110 years ago in Japan. The sitting form is the traditional Japanese kneeling position, but we can also practice seiza sitting on a chair. In seiza, we learn how to find the most […]

NYZ: Zazenkai with Matsubara Osho

New York Zendo 223 E 67th St, New York

Imagine sitting quietly in meditation. Pause, reset, and recharge yourself. You are in complete control of your emotions and the stress from your busy lifestyle. You are experiencing a state of quiet, relaxing, body-mind equilibrium. This is a time to calmly face yourself. Zazenkai is a monthly meeting that offers a talk, Zen meditation, tea […]

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