NYZ: InsightOUT Refuge Sangha (NYI), special Pride edition

New York Zendo 223 E 67th St, New York, NY

Sponsored by New York Insight. Join Insight OUT Refuge and allies for an in-person collective expression of our Refuge. We’ll meditate together and share an open discussion of what it […]

DBZ: Volunteer Days

Dai Bosatsu Zendo 223 Beecher Lake Road, Livingston Manor, NY

Volunteer Days at Dai Bosatsu Zendo Join the monastery residents this spring for volunteer days at Dai Bosatsu! Samu (work practice) is a traditional part of Zen monastery life. When the weather allows, we will be working outside. Participants also do nittensoji (temple cleaning), cooking, and other tasks. The schedule will include zazen (meditation), chanting […]

Event Series Engaged Buddhism: Open Meeting

Online: Climate Action and Buddhist Practice


Facilitated by Dr. Michael Fayne, Dr. Morgan Perkins, and Jikyo Bonnie Shoultz Sensei On the fourth Wednesday of each month, our attention turns to the pressing issue of the climate crisis. In this dedicated session, we delve into Buddhist-based strategies and practices for addressing climate change. Together, we explore ways to authentically integrate our commitment […]

Event Series NYZ: Introduction to Meditation

NYZ: Introduction to Zen Meditation

New York Zendo 223 E 67th St, New York, NY

New to Zen Buddhism or interested in learning? New York Zendo Shobo-ji offers city dwellers the opportunity to experience traditional Zen practice in the midst of their daily lives, a true oasis of deep stillness in the heart of Manhattan. Every Thursday evening The Zen Studies Society offers an Introduction to Zazen. The evening covers […]

DBZ: Dai Bosatsu Zendo 47th Anniversary Sesshin

Dai Bosatsu Zendo 223 Beecher Lake Road, Livingston Manor, NY

Let us gather on Dai Bosatsu Mountain and sit with all our might to requite the beneficence of the great founding teachers whose endless vow brought Dai Bosatsu Zendo into being. Led by Shinge Roshi and Chigan Roshi, this sesshin commemorates the 47th Anniversary of the formal opening of Dai Bosatsu Zendo Kongo-ji on July […]

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