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DBZ: Fall Residency

Led by Shinge Roshi, Chigan Roshi and Hokuto Osho, our new Fall Residency offers more flexibility regarding length of stays and daily schedule, as well as programming that explores the […]

NYZ: Seiza Meditation and Dharma Talk with Miki Nakura

New York Zendo 223 E 67th St, New York

Join us in person for seiza meditation at New York Zendo, led by Miki Nakura. Seiza (quiet sitting) was established by Okada Torajiro Sensei about 110 years ago in Japan. […]

Online: Zen by the Numbers


An Eight-Week Course Taught by Hokuto Osho Zen Buddhist teachings are filled with numbers, like the four Noble Truths, the six paramitas and the eightfold path. This eight-week course offers […]

NYZ: Premier Shojin

New York Zendo 223 E 67th St, New York

Premier Shōjin offers an exquisite and authentic experience that incorporates shōjin ryōri -- the art of Japanese temple cuisine -- and Zen meditation. The experience is offered by Chef Hiroki […]

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