Sesshin is the essence of Zen practice. These week-long intensive Zen retreats are held at Dai Bosatsu Zendo six times a year. The tradition of sesshin began with Shakyamuni Buddha's intense sitting under the bodhi tree in India. On the morning of December 8, he attained enlightenment upon seeing the morning star. The word "sesshin" means to collect one's heart or mind. These kind of retreats are practiced by all Zen schools throughout the world.

Students gather for a week of silence, zazen (Zen sitting meditation), chanting, teisho (formal Zen talks given by the Abbot), Dharma talks by other teachers, and dokusan (private interviews with Shinge Roshi). The schedule includes a brief period of daily work practice, rest periods and three vegetarian meals a day. For more on what to expect and the daily schedule, see PDF.

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