UPCOMING EVENTS: (contact info at bottom of page)

DBZ, Dharma Transmission, November 25. Shinge Roshi will give Dharma Transmission in a ceremony of inka shomei to her first Dharma heir, Kyo-On Dokuro Jaeckel, at DBZ. For information, click here.

NYZ, Rohatsu Week, November 30–December 8. We continue our tradition of extra sittings throughout Rohatsu week. The zendo will be open in the mornings and evenings every day from November 30 to December 8. The week will culminate on the morning of December 8 with a Jodo-e (Buddha's enlightenment) ceremony. Each evening, we will sit three periods of zazen and read from Hakuin Zenji's Rohatsu Exhortations. The mornings will follow our normal weekly schedule, with the addition of sits on Sunday and Monday. The morning schedule on December 8 will include zazen from 6:45 to 7:45, followed by the Jodo-e ceremony.

DBZ, Rohatsu Sesshin, November 30 to December 8. Rohatsu (a Japanese word meaning "the eighth day of the last month of the year") Sesshin is held each year in Zen monasteries throughout the world to commemorate the enlightenment of Shakyamuni Buddha, which occurred when he saw a star at dawn on the eighth day of his retreat. In this intensive sesshin, we manifest the Buddha's determination as he sat beneath the Bodhi tree, vowing not to rise until he achieved true awakening. Every student contributes to and takes strength from the powerful energy and determination of all, creating an unsurpassed opportunity for deep practice and realization. Bus transportation from New York Zendo may be available. If you wish to attend, please email the office.

DBZ, New Years Celebration, December 31 to January 1. Join us for a family-friendly New Year's Eve with the residents at the monastery. The evening will begin with zazen, a talk by Shinge Roshi, and a special New Year's feast. Then everyone will be invited to welcome in 2018 with the Joya no Kane, chanting and ringing the daisho (the large outdoor temple bell) 108 times, ending at midnight and followed by refreshments. There will be a New Year's brunch the next morning. Event contribution: $250 for adults ($225 for members) and $75 for children under twelve. There is a sliding scale available for those who can come two or three days early to help us with preparations. Bus transportation from New York Zendo may be available. If you wish to attend, please email the office.

Spring Kessei at DBZ, It's not too early to consider Kessei. We are currently accepting applications for our spring residential training period. Attending kessei--a traditional three-month training period held each spring and fall--offers an unparalleled opportunity to grow, be challenged, and deepen one's practice. The rigorous schedule and remote, beautiful setting allow students to immerse themselves completely in their practice--a rare opportunity in our hectic, plugged-in, multitasking world.
Guided by our abbot, Shinge Roshi, and senior residents, kessei participants learn traditional Rinzai Zen forms and engage in daily zazen, sutra chanting, and study. Sesshin, a silent week of intensive practice, is held once a month, providing time for deep introspection and daily individual meetings with Shinge Roshi. Samu (work practice) includes tasks such as working in our organic garden, cooking, cleaning, and caring for our buildings and grounds. E-mail the office or call 845 439-4566 for more information and to make reservations.

DAI BOSATSU ZENDO EVENTS: To make a reservation or for more information, call Dai Bosatsu Zendo at (845) 439-4566 or e-mail the office.
Office hours: Tues - Sat, 9am to 4:30pm; Sunday, 9am to 12pm.

Tuesdays through Fridays 6:45-7:45: Zazen
Saturdays 9:30-11:45: Morning Service, zazen, temple cleaning, informal tea

Tuesdays 7-9: Tai chi class and zazen.
Wednesdays 7-9: Zazen
Thursdays 6:45-9: Intro to Zen Meditation class and zazen
Fridays 7-9: Zazen

To make a reservation or for more information, call (212) 861-3333, or email the New York Zendo office.

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