Summer Internship Opportunities  Interns will gain valuable experience in a range of areas, including hospitality, Japanese culture, organic gardening, sustainability, and contemplative life. To find out more, click for PDF.

UPCOMING EVENTS: (contact info at bottom of page)

NYZ, Shojin Ryori Class, April 22, 23, 10am-1:30pm. Masami Asao Sensei will return for the spring class in temple cooking. Masami Sensei is one of Japan's leading instructors of Shojin Ryori and a resident of Jokoku-ji, a 350-year-old temple in Tokyo. She will teach a workshop on this ancient form of Buddhist temple cooking using simple, seasonal, vegetarian ingredients in elegant presentations. The experience of making and enjoying shojin ryori connects you to the heart, spirit, and traditions of Japan. The charge is $75 per session ($125 for both). The menu will be different on the second day. This class is very popular and space is limited, so please register early!

NYZ, Junryu Roshi, April 27. Junryu Roshi will provide individual practice meetings at 5:45 p.m. and meditation instruction for new students at 6:45 p.m.; he will also offer a teisho. He is the founder of Eiryu-ji Zen Center and a Dharma teacher in the lineage of Taizan Maezumi Roshi. Please call (212) 861-3333, or email the office if you wish to meet with him. Zazen begins at 6:45 for those who will not attend the instruction.

NYZ, Father Michael Halloran Sensei, April 29. Michael Sensei, a student of Fr. Kennedy Roshi, will speak at 12:30 on April 29. He is a Catholic priest, and a former Carthusian Monk. He spoke at NYZ in 2015 and we are delighted that he can return.

NYZ, NYZ Art Show and Sale, April 29, 4-7pm. Please come and enjoy creative work by ZSS Sangha members in an informal, social setting. In past years sangha members have offered paintings, etchings, sculpture, and hand-made paper, as well as short films, musical performances, and poetry readings. Refreshments will be provided. If you wish to show your work and/or help staff this event, please contact Tenrai, the event coordinator.

DBZ, Nyogen Senzaki Sesshin, May 6-11. Please join us as we honor Nyogen Senzaki, a great early pioneer of Zen in America, in this sesshin led by Shinge Roshi amid the glory of spring. A disciple of Soen Shaku Roshi, Nyogen Senzaki came to the United States in 1905. He practiced alone at first, then was gradually sought out by Americans eager to learn about and practice Zen. His teachings and poems continue to inspire us decades after his passing. Shinge Roshi will hold Jukai (precepts ceremony) for five students on the final day of sesshin, May 11. This will be a beautiful time to practice at DBZ, as the mountain warms and blooms. Click here for information or to register. The cost is $315 for members, $350 for others.

NYZ, Nyogen Senzaki All-Day Sit, May 13. Please join us as we honor Nyogen Senzaki, a great early pioneer of Zen in America.

DBZ, Samu Weekend, May 19-21. When the weather allows, samu weekends focus on outdoor work, such as gardening, and raking. Participants may also engage in nittensoji, tenzo work, and other tasks in and around the monastery. Mindful work is emphasized. All are welcome, including families, but please let us know in advance if you plan to attend so that we can plan accordingly; also, do tell us about any special talents or skills you may have! If this will be your first visit, arrive early enough on Friday to attend an orientation in the late afternoon. There is no fee for samu weekends, but donations are gratefully accepted. Enroll here.

DBZ, Yoga and Zen Weekend, May 19-21. Regain your own natural rhythm and reconnect with yourself and nature at Zen and Yoga Weekend, an inspiring yoga/meditation retreat. Immerse yourself in two daily yoga sessions, pranayama, and Zen meditation. Refresh your spirit by taking a leisurely walk around the lake, or hike through 1,400 acres of unspoiled forest. No previous experience with yoga or Zen practice is required; all are welcome and warmly invited. An introduction to Zen meditation will be offered for those who wish to attend. Please arrive on Friday by 4:00 p.m. for our opening Yoga Blend Restorative class and optional meditation; depart on Sunday at 2:00 p.m., and return home renewed and refreshed. The fee is $350 for the weekend. Click here to reserve.

DBZ Garden volunteers are welcome. Please call ahead to let us know your plans.

DAI BOSATSU ZENDO EVENTS: To make a reservation or for more information, call Dai Bosatsu Zendo at (845) 439-4566 or e-mail the office.
Office hours: Tues - Sat, 9am to 4:30pm; Sunday, 9am to 12pm.

Tuesdays through Fridays 6:45-7:45: Zazen
Saturdays 9:30-11:30: Morning Service, zazen, temple cleaning, informal tea

Tuesdays 7-9: Tai chi class and zazen.
Wednesdays 7-9: Zazen
Thursdays 6:45-9: Intro to Zen Meditation class and zazen
Fridays 7-9: Zazen

To make a reservation or for more information, call (212) 861-3333, or email the New York Zendo office.

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